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September 02, 2011 – YummyBunny – a new car rental search engine, finding and comparing vehicles for hire in thousands of locations all over the world, has just been launched. Thanks to an original and innovative idea, the searching process can be more effective than ever before.


YummyBunny co-operates with 50 of the world-leading car rental companies with years of experience in selling their services. The search engine uses the latest technologies to optimize the searching time and find a vehicle that matches the customer’s specific requirements.


In the current world, with people being busy around the clock, no one seems to have enough time to do a proper research, before booking a car for hire. At the same time, people expect to receive a high quality service and competitive prices.  With this principle in mind, creators of YummyBunny have built a search engine, which not only looks for car hire offers, but also enables comparison. “We wanted to help people find a car they need, while making the searching process as short as possible, yet still effective”, says Lukasz Tlalka, the originator of the website.


It seems that using a search engine to find a particular service on the web, has become obvious. Indeed, a number of internet users first turn to a search engine, whenever they need help of any kind. Consequently, the number of search engines – including the ones which specialize in car hire – has increased rapidly within the last few years.


What draws attention to this particular site, however, is the fact that each new is opened in a new tab; therefore, the user has access to all their previous searches in the current search session. This feature seems useful, if you want to compare the car hire offers to find out which pick up or drop off locations are the cheapest in a particular area.


For further information about the site, visit: www.yummybunny.com/about/


Media contact:

Matylda Slomka


Mietowa 18

43-382 Bielsko-Biala


Phone: 0048 608 692 979

Website: http://www.yummybunny.com

E-mail: matylda.slomka@netblink.net

















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