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Frequently Asked Questions


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 1. What is YummyBunny.com?

YummyBunny is a car hire search engine, offering you a possibility to compare the rates from a number of car rental companies all over the world. Thanks to this site, you save your time, because you don’t have to go to each car rental company’s site separately.

2. Why do I have to state my age?

Most car hire companies have age restrictions, usually the minimal age is 21. Young drivers, aged 21-24 are often required to pay an additional young driver surcharge. It is usually paid in the local currency at the rental desk.

3. Are there any other restrictions?

With most car suppliers, it is required for a driver to have a driving licence valid for at least a year, although this may vary from company to company. Other requirements may include international driving licence along with its national counterpart. It may also happen that you may be refused a booking due to endorsements or penalty points, especially ones for drinking and driving. Generally, the policy may be different with a different car supplier, that’s why it is strongly advisable to read carefully all the terms and conditions before finalising your booking.

4. What do I need to take with me to the rental desk?

Again, first of all, you need to have a valid driving licence, your voucher and an ID as a confirmation. You will also have to make a security deposit for the vehicle. This usually takes a form of an amount of money that is subsequently blocked on your credit card for the time of the rental. The credit car must be in the name of the driver. As soon as you return the car, all the money is returned to you. Bear in mind, that usually no cash deposit or debit cards are accepted.

5. Is there an additional driver opption?

Yes. Most car suppliers allow you to have an additional driver at an extra charge. Remember that the second driver must also be present at the rental desk, and they are also required to produce a valid driving licence.

6. What are the benefits of having an additional driver?

It’s usually advisable to add another person as an additional driver, not only for your convenience, but also in the event  of an emergency. It’s always better to have someone to cover for you, in case you are incapable of driving. Thus, you can make sure your car rental doesn’t go to waste.

7. I need some special equipment. Is it possible to request?

Yes. With most suppliers it is possible to ask for additional accessories. This may include: infant car seat, toddler car seat, ski rack, bicycle rack, snow chains or GPS. The confirmation of your request should be visible on your voucher.

8. What is usually included in the car rental price?

The rentals typically include third party liability insurance, limited damage cost (to a certain amount), theft waiver and tax. Although the insurance policy may be different depending on a car supplier. Check it out, before making a final decision.

9. Are there any additional costs?

Extra costs usually also include additional driver cost and young driver surcharge. All additional  accessories and additional insurance are payable as well. Remember that the cost of the petrol is not included in the tariff either. Also, bear in mind, that you may have to pay extra if you change your dates once your booking has been confirmed, or when you decide to cancel the reservation.

10. Do I need to fill the car up before returning it?

Before finalizing your booking check out what is the fuel policy. Some suppliers require you to refill the car before dropping it off, whereas other companies expect you to empty the tank as much as possible. Usually, the cost of unused petrol is not refunded.

11. What is meant by mileage policy?

Most suppliers offer unlimited mileage, which means that no restriction is made on how many miles you can drive. However, some companies do not allow you to cross domestic or international borders.

12. I have another question. Where do I post it?

If you have any further questions or comments, you can use the comment form to post them, or go to the Contact section, and send us an email.

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