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Car Hire at Atatürk International Airport, Turkey

About the airport

The Atatürk International Airport is located about 15 kilometres south-east from the centre of the biggest Turky city, Istambul. The airport was built in the European part of the country to connect the Orient and the West.  Atatürk International Airport is the biggest international hub in Turkey. In serves about 30 million passengers each year. It is especially popular among the travellers during summertime. It also offers cheap flight tickets all year round. The airport was named after the first president of Turkey - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The airport has four terminals: terminal one is reserved for domestic flights, terminal two – for international flights, terminal three – for cargo flights, and the fourth is the General Aviation Terminal. It offers flights to different countries all around the world, and the busiest routes are to Frankfurt am Main Airport , Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and London Heathrow.

About the city

Istambul is one of the biggest cities in the world, and the biggest one in Europe. The number of citizens well exceeds 12 million, and the city is divided into  31 districts. There are seats of dozens of international banks, stock exchanges and 5 universities. What’s unique about the place is that it is the only city in the whole world, that is situated on two continents: Europe and Asia. Istambul is located by The Bosphorus and The Sea of Marmara. The best time to visit this exceptional city is spring, summer and early autumn. The city is packed with attractions and interesting places to visit, some of them include: Kariye Museum, Sultanahmet District, Rustem Pasha Mosque, Istanbul Old Town, Cisterna Sotteranea, Corlulu Ali pasa Medresesi, Basilica Cistern or Bosphorus Strait.

Rent a car

Upon arriving at the airport, you will probably not be to willing to spend hours waiting at a car rental desk. That’s why it is better to think about online booking ahead of time. Whether your trip to Istambul is just a family trip or part of your winter holiday , having a car may definitely come in handy. Use our YummyBunny car hire search to find the car that suits you best. Read all the offers carefully and thoroughly to get the best deal at an attractive price. Try it out now, and see how simple it is to make your holiday more comfortable.


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