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Hi there!

As you can see, we’re constantling developing and moving on with what we’ve got to offer here.

First of all, now, we’ve added a new currency, and country of residence features on the search form. You can select one of a few countries and currencies available for the moment, or just use the default ones. Thanks to this, all the car hire prices will appear in you local currency, so you can forget about all the web currency converters or calculators. From now on, it’s here for you to use.

Another new thing, is the “i” icon, that you can see next to every car hire offer on the results page. By clicking on it, you can learn about the details of each car separately.

If you’re still unsure, or if you just need some inspiration on where to spend your holiday – or just a getaway weekend – check out the new Car Hire section, where you can read about the world’s busiest and most popular airports and various fabulous tourist destinations.

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