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It’s high time you started thinking about the upcoming summer holidays! Whether you are a fan of lazy beach holidays or active leisure, without a doubt you’d be much better off having a car at your disposal. That’s why, as usual, we recommend you planning ahead and checking for the best car rental deals and offers available using our car hire search engine. Wherever you’re planning to go, you’ll definitely find something for yourselves!



Spring is already in bloom, so many of you are probably planning your holidays already. If you’re thinking about some serious sightseeing, we recommend hiring a car, so that you can explore all the interesting places and not have to depend on anyone. As usually, we recommend using YummyBunny search egine to check for the best offers and cheapest deals. Meanwhile, perhaps you’d like to read an article about what you should remember about before deciding to rent a car. Enjoy the read, and come back soon!


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Christmas season is getting closer and closer, and because of the occassion YummyBunny would like to wish you all the best both during the upcoming holiday time, as well as in the following year. We hope you will have a wonderful time spent with your family and friends. If you are looking forward to the skiing season as well, we encourage you to read an article reviewing good skiing resorts. If, on the other hand, you’re not that keen on sports, we prepared a series of short posts about different airports, including Paris-Orly, Innsbruck  or Geneva International Airport.  But wherever you’re planning to go, you can always use the YummyBunny car hire engine to look for the best promotions and car hire deals.


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If you’re thinking about taking a few days off and going on some short (or maybe long!) holidays, check out the new articles about airports in Moscow and Istambul. If you’ve never visited any of these cities, why don’t you take this opportunity to learn more about them? Check your dates, book the flight and a car – and off you go! Exploring the unknown. More articles soon to come.


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How about some holiday fun? For those of you, who enjoy celebrations, the Irish way, we’ve prepared an article about the upcoming Irish holiday – St. Patrick’s Day, of course.

Go to the latest article, and findmore about this unique, but increasingly popular holiday, celebrated not only in Ireland, but also the USA, Canada, and other places all over the world. Learn about the traditions, and biggest parades organized for the occasion. As usual, we suggest you using our YummyBunny car hire search engine, so that you can not only join in the celebrations and see the parades, but also visit the nearby sights and landmarks. Make the most of your trip and have lots of fun. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody!


Valentine’s Day is coming!!

If you are looking for some idea on where to spend the upcoming Valentine’s Day, here it comes! Here, you will find an article about the romantic places to spend this day in, naturally including Paris, France (What a surprise!), but also other European cities like Venice, Verona (Italy), Prague (The Czech Republic), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Lisbon (Portugal).

Especially for you, we’ve listed a selection of the most interesting sights and places to visit, a choice of elegant & romantic restaurants, ideal for a Valentine’s Day dinner and some information about climate and weather you might expect in February. Information about sights and landmarks also includes opening time and ticket prices. Have a nice read!


How ’bout some winter holiday?

Making last preparations before the big nigh tomorrow?? Good for you. In case you wanted to plan your winter holiday in near future, and needed some inspiration, we’ve prepared a long article about where to go if you are a winter sports enthusiast or… if you’re planning to take up some snowboarding or skiing. In the article, you will find six ski resorts in France, Austria, Norway, and Italy with a few words about skiing/snowboarding areas, accommodation, other attractions available and the closest airports. Enjoy reading and have fun tomorrow!


Farewell to the old year in some place nice…

We’re only a few days away from the festive celebrations of christmas and new year’s eve. If you don’t feel like spending it at home, now it’s the last chance to check out some of the last-minute car hire offers and spend a wonderful getaway Christmas weekend!!Sound tempting, isn’t it?
It sure does! So why don’t you go to our YummyBunny car hire search engine,and find some special car rental offers in any place you would like to spend some time in!And those of you who already know what they’re gonna do may still want to read the latest article about hot New Year’s Eve destinations. If not now, they may well serve as an inspiration for the next year.


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As you can see, we’re constantling developing and moving on with what we’ve got to offer here.

First of all, now, we’ve added a new currency, and country of residence features on the search form. You can select one of a few countries and currencies available for the moment, or just use the default ones. Thanks to this, all the car hire prices will appear in you local currency, so you can forget about all the web currency converters or calculators. From now on, it’s here for you to use.

Another new thing, is the “i” icon, that you can see next to every car hire offer on the results page. By clicking on it, you can learn about the details of each car separately.

If you’re still unsure, or if you just need some inspiration on where to spend your holiday – or just a getaway weekend – check out the new Car Hire section, where you can read about the world’s busiest and most popular airports and various fabulous tourist destinations.


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Welcome to YummyBunny! A nice and easy-to-navigate site, which helps you find a car anywhere you go.

Are you a loner wanting to see the world and discover new places? Or maybe a family going on a holiday sightseeing tour? Or perhaps you are a businessperson heading for a corporate event? Whoever you are, and wherever you go, it’s goes without saying that your independance, time and money is important to you, right? Right. So it is for us. We know, that wherever you go, sooner or later you will need a car. And if you’re looking for a car, YummyBunny is the very place where you can find one easily and in no time.

Starting from July 2011, renting your car will become easy and effortless, as you won’t have to spend hours searching the netto find an interesting offer. Read the About Us section to find out more, or just enter your travel details and give it a go with our car rental search engine.

Remember: There’s no point spending your precious time at the rental car counter at the airport trying to make a bargain. With YummyBunny you can enjoy the comfort of booking the right car in advance. Thus, after arriving at your destination, you can leave all your worries behind, and enjoy your holiday to the full!

Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? :D